Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Sinking of the Titanic,1912

Dear reader I'm  going to give a book talk.The book is Name of the book is I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic,1912.This book is about how the People in the boat were getting on the Titanic and Then there in bored for example on the Titanic that is what it mean. OK lets get back on the Titanic book so this books takes place in the ocean   and the reason the people got on the Titanic is to get to New York city.

   This book is about how the Titanic sink and the Titanic sink because it hit at big ice rock and wan they hit the big ice of rock they made like a hole in the boat and then the water want in the bout but when the water want in the boat it got so fuel the boat stared sinking and it want down.But I was thinking about why did some people die if they go of the boat but I said if they bumped to a ice brick will that tells me that it was to could to survive and when they got on water they got frozen in the water.

  Something els that happen in the story is that some will most of the people did not get on the boat and they died in the Titanic.This kid saw how the boat want in to the under the water.Some people were trying to swim but when they stade there for a long time they froze and died but there was a boat that fit more people and  they came to see if some of them were alive and she was the onley one that was not ded yet so they came back and got her.

This was how my story ended and if you want to learn more about it read it and it is a good book for all kids to read.I did not give you all the deatlis about the book because then you would not read the book that it why you shude read it there is not just that book there is all the books of survived.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mass and Weight

Essential Questions:
  • What are the two properties that all types of matter, including solids, liquids, and gases, have in common?I got this infuriating from the video called Matter: Definition and Examplesthey take up matter and because they are in the body and matter takes spas on something.Something else that matter is periodic  in your body and cells that are in your body is made out of cells that why there is a lot in the body system most of your body is made of i now that matter takes lots of space not just in your body everywhere that how the world is made it made of matter.

  • What is weight and how does weight differ from mass?This infraction i got it from the video called Weight and Mass weight is different because matter bode not take space from your body and weight  can take space from you body cell is weight because it takes space from your body.That why matter and weight are different.Now I now that matter takes up space and weigh has volume that is like how something weighs or the volume like sound.

  • How are weight and mass measured? Matter here on earth is measured by it's mass and weight. however  once  you leave this planet and enter space then matter it measures by volume and density.That how it measure and how it works.I got this information from he web Measuring Volume and Mass of Matter.If you inter a other world the mass would change.

  • Does changing the location of an object change its mass or weight?No your mass or weight do not change because you are in the earth.But if you go to the moon and other plants your weight will change,I got this infraction from the web Build Strength Fast.The weight or the mass dose not change where ever you go to. 

  •  How does the mass of an object compare to the mass of its parts?They will be different will be not the same because each of them have something different.Something els is that it will be not the same weight that why each of them have something different.I got this infraction from the web Weighing in on Ping Pong Balls.Every thing dose not weight the same that you weight they miat weight more then you or less then you.


Measure matter 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Respiratory System

Lesson questions
What function do the lungs have?the function of the lungs are to oxygenate the blood in your body and gets rid of waste products.They help on pooping blood in our body.Diagram under the lung and it helps the lung through blood.they help on clean the air the it heat the air.    

How does the respiratory system help the body?It help on giving blood to are body and spaded out to all the body.It help the hart to beat and make are brain to work because if we did not have this system we would not live because the blood would not move and stay in the same place for a long time and are brain would help on thinking and something that would happen if we did not have this system we would be sick because the blood would be dirty and it would not help are body that much.

How does air travel through the respiratory system?The air travels through small tubes that are in the lungs the tubes are called pas sway are warm and moistened before the air gets to the lungs it gets cleaned and heated and moistened before getting to the of the passage way are called trachea.   

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Prompt Writing

Dear Reader:

I'm going to tall you what make me happy is being with my family.This  is what make me happy because when I go to a place with just with my sisters some ware I kind of miss my Family.This make me so happy because I like having fun with them and they kind of get me what ever I want wen they have money but when they cant they say no that they don't say no to make me sad they say no because they  don't have any money or they payed the rent.But most of the time I like being with them because I kind of don't see them often because they go to work and I need to stay with my aunt.But i get happy when school is over and they don't work because they make me so happy even if they don't get me what i want but I will all the time love them.My family make me happy all the time when they are happy I need to be happy to because I kind of have a bit  time with them and i need to have a good time when they are around me and it dose not need to do that just around to my family but with my school friend and teachers.This is what make me happy and goodbye.  

                                                                         Happy Valentines Day  
      By Carlos 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Excretory System

Lates and guntlement

absorb-To take in side your body or something in someone.air-It is the atmosphere close to the earth.Or it can be the air that you breath.bladder-Is the part of the Excretory System and is holed the liquid that it stores when you don't get it out of your body. carbon dioxide-Is when your breath it is air and when you put it out it is carbon dioxide.excretory system-It is how the liquid gets out and is get the wast get out of us and the bad things that don't work.kidney-Is are organ and help your bladder function well. It is like a storage and they help you keep away waste that goes in you. liver- Liver is like a storage that keeps your blood clean and help you be healthy.lungs- they are the one that help you breath and it helps heat to keep the blood going nutrients-They are the one that keep us healthy and  active and make us do other stuff.oxygen-Is what we breath and have fresh.Something also if we don't have oxygen we would not be alive. respiration-is what we breath air from but we need it to keep healthy. -skin-Is what we have around are body so we won't show are bound or blood. system-Can be a process that is in our body or it can be something else that is in are in a process.

Essential Questions:

How does the excretory system help the body?It  help us when we want to pet a dog we need to have ergy we need to get rid of everything that does not work  any more a keep the stuff that we need to play and do other stuff to have fun you need to have energy and we also need to to get stuff that dont work any more.

Which organs are part of the excretory system?There is only have Seven   of them in are Excretory System.Im going to tell you them there are the Liver,right Kidney, Left kidney,Ureter,Bladder.Urethra.

Urinary Quiz

Skin Quiz